Japanese hot pot : Syabu-syabu for beginners

Japanese Syabusyabu

We here introduce a famous Japanese hot pot, so called “Syabu-syabu” to you.

The name of Syabu-syabu comes from the onomatopoeia of waves which you make when you dip a slice of meat in boiling broth.

For Syabu-syabu, you prepare:
・thin sliced of beef and pork. beef chuck roll and pork loin preferable.
・thin sliced of carrot and Japanese white radish. Lettuce and long green onion.
・dried sea tangle and a cup of water for broth
・sesame based sause called “GOMA DARE”
・soy base sause called “PON ZU”

First of all, you make broth.
sea-tangle based broth
Put a piece of dried sea tangle(washed) into the pot with full of water.
Then boil the pot. After water boils, take the sea tangle out of the pot.
Keep the broth around 80-90°C during Syabu-syabu.

beef syabusyabu
Now take a slice of beef into the pot and syabusyabu it keeping the meat hold untill the meat turn out to be pink.

beef syabusyabu2

1.You must keep holding a slice of meat and not release it into the pot during syabusyabu.
2.Do not boil a meat too much.That make the meat harder.

Sesame based source
Then you steep the meat in sause.
For beef, “GOMA DARE” is preferable and for pork, “PON ZU”.
It depends on you, though.

vegi syabusyabu
After you had meats, then put sliced vegetables into the pot.

rolling vegi
You can have it with meat.

I hope you will enjoy Syabusyabu.


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